VAM 062 | Interview with Jennifer Taylor Lawrence, Part 2

VAM 062 | Interview with Jennifer Taylor Lawrence, Part 2

Welcome to episode 62 of the Voice Acting Mastery podcast with yours truly, Crispin Freeman!

As always, you can listen to the podcast using the player above, or download the mp3 using the link at the bottom of this blog post. The podcast is also available via the iTunes Store online. Just follow this link to view the podcast in iTunes:

In this episode, I continue my interview with UK and US based voice actress Jennifer Taylor Lawrence. You may be familiar with her work in the video game Killzone where she plays the role of Shadow Marshal Luger. In addition to her voice acting and on-camera acting accomplishments, Jennifer was kind enough to record the introduction voice-over for this podcast.

During the second part of our conversation, Jennifer discusses what aspect of her dancing and theater training she finds most useful in her voice acting career. She also talks to me about the differences between the US and UK voice over industries. I was surprised by how differently the casting process works in each country and how important your demo is in the UK market! I found it very enlightening, and I hope you will too!

Download Voice Acting Mastery Episode #62 Here (MP3)


9 Responses to “VAM 062 | Interview with Jennifer Taylor Lawrence, Part 2”

  1. Eric Rivera says:

    I always thought that the demo convinced casting directors to let you audition. Interesting.

    I’ve always tried to do a little something physical when I’m behind the microphone, just to move or keep track of what I’m doing. Seems to work for me.

    I look forward to next week’s episode. Thank you and Jennifer for your time and wisdom.

    • Crispin Freeman says:

      For the most part, in the US that’s true. Casting directors listen to your demo in the US to get a sense of your type and range. However, they will still want you to read some of the actual lines of the character as an audition before they’re willing to hire you for the part. I was very surprised to hear that in the UK you can get cast solely on your demo. That almost never happens in animation and video games and very rarely happens in commercials either.

      Glad you’re enjoying the interview!

  2. Kalyn McCabe says:

    Wow… wouldn’t that be an easy way to get cast in everything. Just a demo and you’re done! UK is awesome~ I hope I visit there someday.

    Last part! I’m really enjoying this interview.


  3. Meghan (Meg) says:

    Hi Crispin- I really enjoyed Ms Jennifer’s story both episode 1 and 2 so far and I agree with others as well. I have never been in the U.K., although I can do some British accent depends how young and feminine I may sound like especially like the sound of Katie Gray’s role of Seras Victoria. Is it possible that you can keep practicing depending what type of character you want it to be as demo until it sounds professional? Or no?
    Thanks again and looking forward for the next episode.

    • Crispin Freeman says:

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the interview with Jennifer.

      If you’re asking if it’s possible to practice your acting on your own for long enough for it to become of professional quality to use in a demo, while I like to say that anything is possible, in my experience it is incredibly difficult to learn how to act on your own. You almost always need input from someone outside of you to help you with your performance.

  4. allium says:

    Just got around to listening to this episode – great as always. I recently subscribed to a P2P website based in Germany, and I had noticed that many of the jobs from European clients didn’t include audition scripts to read from. Glad to learn it wasn’t a case of a script not running on my browser or something!

    • Crispin Freeman says:

      I’m glad you found the episode useful!

      Yes, it is surprising to me that English producers cast from demos and not from auditions, but everyone has their own method I guess.

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