Private Online Coaching


Private Online Coaching

One hour sessions via Skype

For students of mine who are looking for additional help or specific guidance, I am now offering one-on-one coaching via Skype online.

I am only offering coaching to students who have taken one of my voice acting workshops, either online or in person.
If you have not yet taken one of my group classes, either online or in person, you are NOT eligible for private coaching.

It is important to me that my students get the most value for their time and money. The most effective way for you to learn from me is to attend one of my group classes first before signing up for a private coaching. In my group classes, you will not only learn my conceptual framework for approaching acting, but you will also learn from your fellow students as they implement those ideas. If you attempt a private coaching first, you will not have any context for my ideas and we will not have a common vocabulary to talk about your acting. Instead, I will have to spend most of our coaching time explaining my acting concepts to you rather than you having time to practice and get notes from me.

I offer private online coaching in one-hour increments.


  1. You must have taken a group class with me either online or in person.
  2. You must have a webcam and a light source so I can see your face during our coaching.
  3. You must be able to use the Skype program in order to videoconference with me online.
  4. You must have a dedicated microphone to use during the coaching.
    Laptop built-in microphones will not work.
    Ideally you should have a professional USB or XLR microphone, but a headset microphone will suffice.
  5. You must be wearing headphones. (If you are using a headset microphone, the headphones are already built into the structure of the headset.)


  • We will need to communicate over e-mail in order to find a common time when we can meet online. You can e-mail me at┬áin order to schedule a time.
  • Your scheduled time is not guaranteed until you pay for your coaching using the button below.

Pay using PayPal or Credit Card:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why can't I use my computer's built-in microphone?

In order for me to hear your voice acting and evaluate it effectively, your microphone needs to be in close proximity to your mouth, no more than 8 inches away. Therefore, any built-in microphone on your computer will be too distant to pick up your voice clearly. Also, built-in microphones are usually of very low quality and do not capture the true quality of your voice. For these reasons, you must use either a professional USB or XLR type microphone or use a headset during our coaching session.

Why do I need to wear headphones?

You will need to hear my direction clearly during our coaching. Therefore, you will need to wear headphones in order to avoid any feedback or “echo” effects when I give you notes. If you do not use headphones, my comments will come out of speakers whose audio may be picked up by your microphone creating a noisy feedback loop. If you are using a headset microphone, the headphone functionality is built in to the unit.

Do I really have to take a group class before I take a private coaching with you?

YES! It has been my experience working with previous students that private coaching works best when we’ve already spent some time together working on scenes and you’ve had a chance to observe fellow students solving acting problems. The most effective way for you to have that experience is to take my group classes. You actually get better value for your money if you start by taking a group class, because you get to learn my concepts, see how they are applied, and develop a common vocabulary with me before deciding to work one-on-one. This way I won’t be wasting our coaching time explaining concepts, and you’ll get more time to act and receive feedback from me during your session. Trust me, what you learn in the group class will help us focus on what you should work on in your private coaching. Without that group class experience, we will not make nearly as much progress in our private coaching together.

I have a question about your classes that wasn't answered in the FAQ.

If you have any other questions about my private coaching, please feel free to e-mail me at I’ll do my best to respond promptly.
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