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“Crispin gives insanely thorough, well-articulated feedback that goes beyond general tips and tricks for people starting out… I HIGHLY recommend Crispin’s Classes!”

– Kimlinh Tran, Voice Actress

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Including Fidget from Dust, An Elysian Tail

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“[Crispin’s] archetype class helped me figure out my niche in the video game and animation world and I honestly don’t think I’d have started booking as quickly or realized what my unique strengths were if I hadn’t taken it. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants to pursue (and be competitive in) Animation VO.”

– Amanda Céline Miller, Voice Actress

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“Class was fantastic. You were so present Crispin, and gave so much of yourself in delivering the class. Your instruction was brilliant – you have a great touch for telling the truth frankly without being brutal.”

– Kevin Powe, Voice Actor



I listened to Crispin speak at Voice 2012 and was so impressed with his teaching and acting skills I knew I needed to sign up right away to take his upcoming classes. I recently took Crispin’s Online Voice Acting Workshop. I was a little worried taking an online class, not sure how it would work and how my set up would work for it as well. It was a breeze! There were instructions online for testing my setup and it worked great!The class was so awesome! I learned so much. It helped greatly listening to the other students perform their copy as well. You can see where you can improve when you aren’t in the hot seat!I will definitely be taking Crispin’s future voice acting classes and look forward to his upcoming Character Scenes class!

– Rachel D. from Las Vegas, NV

The online class was fun, and seemed to be just as effective as the classes in LA!

– Marcy E. from Los Angeles, CA

Crispin was one of the first voice actors I ever became a fan of and was a big inspiration in me taking up acting as a profession. I was referred to the course by someone who had already taken the online workshop, and I snapped up a place immediately. I’m glad I did – places go fast, and with good reason.

Crispin is an excellent teacher who really does want us to get the best out of every line you read, and will push you to get it, while still making you feel awesome and encouraged about everything you get right. Every question in the post-workshop Q&A is thoroughly answered, and you’ll definitely learn something about voice acting as both an art and an industry – and about yourself too. Worth every minute and every cent, I can’t recommend this workshop enough.

– James W. from Peterborough, UK

I would strongly recommend Crispin Freeman’s acting class to anyone aspiring to enter the field of voice acting. As a veteran of the industry Freeman obviously possesses not only a great deal of experience that he is willing to share with his classes, but a love of animation and film. This lends the one-on-one sessions a great energy, as Freeman chooses examples for students to work on from much loved pictures that are instantly familiar, yet still possess a dynamism that challenges participants’ understanding of how a scene works. It is this awareness of both what makes a particular sequence work for the entertained viewer, and the professional investment of the performer lending their voice to the scene, that gives added weight to the lessons being taught here.

Aspiring actors within my class came away clearly re-energized with much food for thought. Each person who attended was engaged fully, handled well when required and encouraged warmly when they succeeded. The end result of the session was that each participant had a much firmer grasp not only of their abilities, but of acting itself.

– Emmet O. from Melbourne, AU

When I watched him talk about voice acting and heard other people talk about his classes, he just seemed so intelligent about the field of acting and that is very much the case! What I loved most about the class is Crispin’s infinite patience and not just reiterating the same direction over and over. He would try different approaches if the actor wasn’t getting it. I definitely recommend this class for ANYONE trying to get into voice acting as a career!

– Chris T. from Denton, TX

You were fantastic in your teaching method, Mr. Freeman. You were very calm, patient, and understanding with each person, including myself. Yet at the same time, you pushed everyone to do better than they thought that they could do, and I really appreciate that. You gave detailed information that everyone could break down and understand, and your interaction with everyone while letting us see how you worked with them provided even more. I appreciated the laid back presence you gave for this class and how you were willing to help aspiring young hopefuls like me do better in a field that I want to achieve in.

– Kestin H. from Mousie, KY

I really enjoyed taking this class. It was everything I hoped it would be with the level of interaction that Crispin gives his students. He gives all the help he can with his expertise gained over the years and shares it freely. It really feels like I’m learning from a teacher who holds nothing back while also treating his students with respect that helps keep their confidence high during those moments in “the hot seat” when each of us perform. The entire environment of the class feels very safe and nurturing toward all participants.

– John A. from Tampa, FL

When I found out Crispin Freeman held these voice acting classes AND online, I really wanted to get started with him. I was afraid that Crispin would be harsh, but it turned out he was constructive and gave me great feedback that ultimately led to a final read-through that he was impressed with. Crispin is a great teacher, he knows what he is doing and he knows where people fit in terms of voices. … I took the online class [and] I like that Crispin actually gives you one-on-one [attention] … plus the other people are good supporters.

– Jon T. from Long Island, NY


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Los Angeles Voice Acting Classes
Online Voice Acting Classes
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