New Podcast Schedule Reminder

Greetings faithful podcast listeners!

As I announced in episode 100, I have changed the release schedule of the Voice Acting Mastery podcast.

New episodes of the podcast will be released on a monthly basis instead of a bi-weekly basis.

I just wanted to post this reminder on the blog to anyone who hadn’t had a chance to listen to episode 100 and may be confused by the new release schedule.

Now I know that many of my faithful listeners may be disappointed to hear this, but I have some good news as well! By changing the podcast release schedule to only once a month, it will give me time to focus on some new and interactive ways to reach my listeners. I’m really excited about what’s on the horizon, and I hope you will be too. So don’t worry, the podcast has been very effective so far and I have no plans to stop it. I just want to free up some time to make way for some new developments at Voice Acting Mastery.

To reiterate: I will now be releasing new podcast episodes the third Wednesday of every month. Episode 101 will be available on May 20th so look out for it!

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  1. Lyndsey says:

    I was wondering how you approach voice acting a younger version of the same character. Like Red Arrow vs. Arsenal in Young Justice. Do you have any suggestions or things to avoid?

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