Interview with Dino Andrade

I wanted to bring your attention to a wonderful interview with my friend, the very talented Dino Andrade. Dino has been involved in the world of voice acting far longer than I have and has more war stories than either of us care to count! What I love most about Dino’s Interview, however, is his obvious enthusiasm for games and animation coupled with a savvy and practicality about the business of voice acting.

He’s got a lot of insight into what it takes to be a successful voice actor. Some of his more important points are:

  1. He started as an actor on stage doing comedy improv.
  2. He knows the history of the entertainment industry and understands how to navigate its currents.
  3. He believes without reservation that games are in fact art.
  4. He brings all of himself to a performance, especially when voicing the Scarecrow in the game Arkham Asylum.
  5. He’s learned how to self-direct as a voice actor.
  6. He affirms that type-casting is your friend as a voice actor.
There is so much wonderful information, candor and useful advice in this interview. I highly encourage you to read it thoroughly!

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