VAM 068 | Interview with Andrea Toyias, Part 1

VAM 068 | Interview with Andrea Toyias, Part 1

Welcome to episode 68 of the Voice Acting Mastery podcast with yours truly, Crispin Freeman!

As always, you can listen to the podcast using the player above, or download the mp3 using the link at the bottom of this blog post. The podcast is also available via the iTunes Store online. Just follow this link to view the podcast in iTunes:

For this episode of the podcast, I’m honored to be able to interview the incredibly talented voice director, Andrea Toyias.

Andrea works for Blizzard Entertainment, one of the most successful video game production companies on the planet. She’s directed voice actors on such high profile titles as World of Warcraft: Cataclysm as well as Diablo III. It was on Diablo III, where I was cast as the Male Wizard, that I first got to know and admire Andrea, not only for her wonderful directing skills, but also for her incredibly supportive and generous personality. I’ve been eager to get her on the podcast for some time now and I’m happy to be able to share our in-depth conversation with all of my listeners.

I think it’s vitally important for all voice actors to understand not only what a voice director is looking for in an actor, but also what challenges the director faces when trying to make an artistic project come together well. I cannot overemphasize the importance of learning how to collaborate effectively with voice directors if you want to have a successful voice acting career. Andrea has a lot of wisdom to share on this subject, and I’m sure you’ll benefit from her insights.

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18 Responses to “VAM 068 | Interview with Andrea Toyias, Part 1”

  1. Anthony Berbey says:

    Thanks for the podcasts. i know i will find it useful.

  2. Eric Rivera says:

    Sounds a lot better than when I was doing my Directing II project of “Clerks.” That was a pain.

    I’m also someone who listens to music a lot. Gets my head geared in certain directions.

    Can’t wait for the next episode. Thank you and Andrea for your time and wisdom.

  3. Kalyn McCabe says:

    Music is definitely something that touches you on an unconscious level and can affect you in amazing ways.

    I usually listen to a few songs before I record to warm up my voice and get me in the mood.

    Pretty interesting interview so far!

    ~ Kalyn

  4. Kierra says:

    hello Crispin Freemen i really like all the podcasts you do there fun to listen too i wanted to be an voice actor and i have a really great voice. i can do lots of high and low voices i know how to control volume i sang for four years and my friends say i have a really cool voice especially when i can make it very high sound, but instead im going to become a registered nurse. to be honest i dont know which one to choose more. i wish i could do both. but my family say do one that pays more money. which (i think) is being a nurse there both jobs i would like to have. so many decisions!

    • Crispin Freeman says:

      It is possible to try doing some voice over work from home while you are pursuing your career as a nurse. You could record audiobooks from your home studio for example. However, to work on the most competitive level in animation and games, you will have to make a decision which you’d like to do more. I don’t think it’s possible to maintain a nurse’s schedule and be available for voice acting work.

      • Kierra says:

        Ok thanks for the advice.Im going to take the voice acting road instead because I’m going to be much happier doing what I truly want to do.

  5. Hey there Crispin Freeman!

    First off thank you so much for your podcast! It has been a great kick starter for me to get working on my voice over career and I’ve listened to them all.

    I actually had a question about your classes. Would you allow a student to bring in a 60 second character demo to an archetype class to see how they have done with the search for their archetype? I live in Los Angeles and have been considering getting some much needed guidance from you and your classes.

    Can’t wait to hear the rest of Andrea’s interview! Again, thanks for inspiring!


    • Crispin Freeman says:

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the podcast so much and I’m glad to hear you’ve been able to listen to them all.

      If you take any of my classes, I am happy to listen to your character demo and give you feedback. I’m not sure I will want to take class time to do it, since that takes time away from your classmates, but I’m happy to listen to it after class. Alternatively, once you’ve taken class with me, you’re welcome to e-mail me your demo and I can give you feedback that way as well.

      Hope that helps.

  6. Cinthia says:

    This was a great interview. I’m really enjoying this well rounded insight into the industry. As I have ambitions of one day directing and producing, it was really inspiring and rejuvenating to listen to Andrea speak about her experiences working her way up and really getting to know every aspect of her work. Also, her comment on not necessarily having the clear goal of becoming a VO director was refreshingly honest, and what I took from that is that if you have passion, curiosity, and openness, the wind could take you to some fun and great places.

    Thank you very much!

    • Crispin Freeman says:

      I’m glad you’re enjoying hearing things from the director’s perspective. I think it’s really important to understand the challenges your collaborators face.

      Thanks for listening!

  7. What an amazing interview. Andrea’s passion and excitement for her job are evident – as someone just getting into voice acting, I can only dream of working with someone like her in the future. Thank you for this inspiring podcast!

    • Crispin Freeman says:

      You’re very welcome! It is always a joy to chat with someone as enthusiastic as Andrea. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  8. GaigeTheMechromancer says:

    Sorry if this was addressed in another post and/or if this is a bit off topic, but was the episode 67 post skipped on intentionally? Luckily everyone can still snag it on iTunes

    • Gaige T.M. says:

      Oops, I was able to find it through looking through the archive, however looking through Blog & Podcast> Podcasts Episodes, looking back by clicking older entries does skip episode 67 between page 3 and 4.

      • Crispin Freeman says:

        Sorry about the confusion. It turns out I failed to tag that episode with the Podcast Episode category. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. The problem should be fixed now.

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