VAM 055 | Interview with Monica Rial, Part 2

VAM 055 | Interview with Monica Rial, Part 2

Welcome to episode 55 of the Voice Acting Mastery podcast with yours truly, Crispin Freeman!

As always, you can listen to the podcast using the player above, or download the mp3 using the link at the bottom of this blog post. The podcast is also available via the iTunes Store online. Just follow this link to view the podcast in iTunes:

This is part 2 of my interview with the wonderfully talented Monica Rial! You can check out her amazingly long list of anime credits on the Anime News Network website!

In this part of our conversation, Monica shares with us the skill from her theater acting background that she has found most useful in her voice acting career. Turns out, it’s a secret, and Monica shares with me how to use that secret to your advantage! Also, she talks about her own challenge in figuring out which character types suited her voice the best and she gives advice on what you can do to find the character types that fit your voice. I think you’ll find it very enlightening!

Download Voice Acting Mastery Episode #55 Here (MP3)


9 Responses to “VAM 055 | Interview with Monica Rial, Part 2”

  1. Eric Rivera says:

    That “giving the character a secret” thing is something I’ll have to try. What I usually do to try to get the line right is I’ll imagine additional lines before and after, but I won’t say them. For example, if the line is, “Stop right there!” I’ll say in my head “(Hey, you!) before and “(Don’t move)” after so it ends up being “(Hey, you!) Stop right there! (Don’t move)” but you only hear the line I was supposed to say.

    I can’t wait for the next one. I’m learning so much. Thanks to you and Monica for your time and wisdom.

    • Crispin Freeman says:

      Your technique is sometimes called have a “lead-in” and “lead-out” line. It’s a great way to make sure that your performance feels believable because it’s part of a larger tapestry of action. I’m glad you find the secret technique useful as well.

      Glad you feel like you’re learning so much!

  2. Kalyn McCabe says:

    I totally relate to the lower register ever-so-slightly reaching up to normal voice. I once played a woman soldier that had a natural mature voice and was in my lower register, and as time went on, I didn’t notice I was speaking in my natural voice towards the end of the session. When the project came out, I listened back and put my head against my desk and shook my head in shame that there was a clear difference comparing beginning to end.

    Super fun times! Now I take more time warming up my voice than I did previously with lower voices.

    Can’t wait till the next episode! And can’t wait till Aug 17th~! I’m so looking forward to taking your class.

    ~ Kalyn

  3. Meghan (Meg) says:

    Hi Crispin 🙂 I really like the story when Ms Monica talked about her techniques. I always talking to myself in my mind or playing pretend . I forgot to ask you – when I was listened the entire podcasts, including the previous ones- I heard some growling noises while you’re talking before the podcast; is it really your stomach growling or something different? Just curious … Thank you for your time and can’t wait for the next one

    • Crispin Freeman says:

      Glad you enjoyed the episode.

      As far as the growling goes, I’m not sure. I usually do my best to make sure the podcast recording is clean as a whistle. Not sure what you heard.

  4. Perry King says:

    hey Crispin quick question! does your friend JB blanc ever do guest teaching in your Voice acting mastery classes & if so does he happen to teach your students accents or do you all that yourself?

    • Crispin Freeman says:

      Unfortunately, no. J.B.’s schedule is too busy for him to come teach in my classes.

      However, I do help my students with accents when they need assistance. I have found most often that my students need to improve their acting ability first. An accent without good acting won’t get you hired.

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