The Art of the Pick Up

Here’s a great blog post from a good friend of mine, Juan Carlos Bagnell. Juan works as a casting director at one of the most prestigious casting offices in LA, the Voicecaster. He uses the online moniker of “SomeAudioGuy” but trust me, he is THE Audio guy. Not only is Juan a fantastic director, but he can articulate how he does what he does which is invaluable!

I highly suggest you check out his blog post on “The Art of the Pick Up” or how to recover once you’ve flubbed a line in the booth. Juan shares some great insight as someone who works with top talent voice actors every day. He sees what works and what doesn’t and his eye for subtlety and nuance never ceases to amaze me. Whenever he’s directing me in the booth, I know I’m in the best hands.

You can also check out his online web series called, Movies You May Have Missed or MYMHM for short. He does wonderful reviews of seldom seen but valuable movies with his show partner, Lee. He’s even done an interview with me about zombies, vampires and other mythological subjects in film and horror.

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  1. Meg says:

    After I saw the clip of the interview about Zombies and Vampires, I was very impressive about your speech, especially when you talked about Vampires 🙂 I’m like you, I’m a huge of Vampires since I’m still a fan of Hellsing. When I was young, I wasn’t a huge fan of any monsters after I watched Mel Brook’s Dracula and also played Castlevania:Symphony of the Night.Then, I’m beginning a interested of the Dracula’s three brides from ‘Van Helsing’. I really enjoy your interview and thanks for your excellent words 🙂

  2. Jenny Z says:

    Hello Mr. Freeman, this is Jenny Z (a past student of yours). I re-read this article about the Art of Pick-Up and I can’t seem to comprehend it. Maybe you could help? (with maybe how you go about asking the director how you pick-up lines or a past experience you remember) If there is a follow up podcast on this let me know and I could listen to that, otherwise when you get a chance I’d really appreciate some advice/information. Thanks!

    • Crispin Freeman says:

      I’m sorry you don’t understand the article. However, I don’t understand what your question is. Are you asking me to paraphrase the entire article? It’s quite long. What part of the article don’t you understand?

      • Jenny Z says:

        Sorry about that. I’m confused how one goes about picking-up their lines. Example: I’m reading my lines and I make a mistake. Would I start over from the beginning line I messed up or continue on until the director stops me?

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