Paralinguistic Communication

“Paralinguistic Communication”. That’s a mouth full isn’t it? What it means is: What are you communicating with the sound of your voice rather than with the words you speak?

I found this fascinating article about vocal, but non-verbal communication. It’s designed for corporate types, but it has some interesting lessons about how you sound when you’re speaking and what sort of confidence you may or may not exude based on your speech habits. It’s important to present yourself as a confident professional and there are some great tips in this article:

Don’t get sued for the sound of your voice

Of special interest to me is this idea that people can tell when you’re being dishonest simply from the tone of your voice without being able to understand the words you’re saying. That’s pretty powerful stuff. It means that if we’re going to believe your performance, you actually have to feel what you’re saying, you can’t just demonstrate your emotions!

I hope you guys enjoy the article!

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