Microphone Proximity Effect

My wonderful friend and colleague, Juan Carlos Bagnell, runs a fantastic blog called, The Ramblings of Some Audio Guy. On it, he posts his wisdom, tips and musings on the world of voice over and recording technology. Juan’s pithy insights into voice over come from his years working both as a voice over agent and more recently as a booth director for voice over projects at The Voicecaster, a famous casting agency in Los Angeles.

Juan just put up a great video post about proximity effect. For those of you who’ve listened to episode 11 and episode 12 of my podcast, I talked at length about microphone technology as well as microphone pickup patterns. I mentioned the fact that a microphone with a cardiod pickup pattern will produce what’s called a proximity effect, meaning that the closer you get to the microphone, the more low end or bass will be amplified by the microphone.

Well Juan has posted a wonderful video demonstration of this phenomenon in action on his blog. It’s entitled, The Proximity Effect and You! I highly recommend you check it out!

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