Jennifer Hale Speaks

The many faces that aren't the faces of Jennifer Hale.

Jennifer Hale is one of the most professional, prolific and talented voice actresses out there. So I was very happy when I ran across this interview of her talking about what it’s like voice acting in the world of video games. You might discover some things that surprise you like:

  • She doesn’t play video games!
  • She booked her first cartoon character without any previous knowledge or experience in animation.
  • She throws herself completely into any role she’s playing.

For those who like Female Shepard from Mass Effect, this one’s for you:

Jennifer Hale Speaks

I think you can learn a lot about a voice actor’s mindset by hearing them talk about their profession and Jennifer is incredibly candid about her experiences.

Enjoy the article!

5 Responses to “Jennifer Hale Speaks”

  1. Phil says:

    I love Jennifer Hale. She’s an extremely talented female voice actor.

    I wish voice actors were more publicly accessible to find interviews with. I follow and respect voice actors more than I do for on-camera actors, and it would be awesome if you guys had more video interviews and such.

    I mean, if you dig around long enough you can find some convention panels on youtube or amateur audio interviews, but it’s just a shame that voice actors aren’t slightly more famous.

  2. Aubrie Noland says:

    Hale is awesome. Funny thing is I was just playing Mass Effect 2 earlier.

    I think it’s harder for video game voice actors to become famous because while anime VAs have panels, I haven’t found many interviews for video game VAs. They kinda remain heard and not seen . . .

    I don’t know, though. I could be saying this and not even know what I’m talking about

    • Crispin Freeman says:

      I think video game companies are just starting to learn how to take advantage of voice acting celebrity, whereas anime has had a culture of celebrity voice actors in Japan for a long time. I think American anime fans have incorporated the Japanese appreciation for voice actors in a way that video game culture has never done.

      Just my 2 cents.

  3. Apart from mime, all actors use their voice but only a minority have the craft skills to be good game voice
    actors. With games, the demand for voice performance is increasing as is the variety of the work on offer.

  4. @ Crispin Freeman I agree with you very well said.

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